The Bake

Founded by two sisters in Arizona

where we wear flip-flops most of the time.

We are two of three sisters…the oldest is an attorney and not at all interested in the bake. The little sister is away attending college where she embraces entertaining in her sorority at the University of Alabama.  She loves fancy, flamboyant and is fabulous!  She’s been a baker and party planner since she could speak!  The middle sister is a new mom, dog lover, new baker, kind and funnier than shit!  She loves puppies, babies, and embraces everything that means “stay-at-home mom”.  We were all introduced to cooking and baking by our mom.  Mom emboldens us to embrace our family traditions in the Kitchen while building responsible businesses along the way. Mom is many things: serial entrepreneur, party planner, widow, mother, and a dog lover. But the one thing that our family is all together are lovers of food and the experience of preparing it in a way that brings a family together.  Whether we were preparing dinner, planning a party (which we’ve had a lot over the years), celebrating special occasions, or the holidays we were all in the kitchen, enjoying every gram of it.  Maybe it’s the smell of the food, the laughter around the kitchen table, or people’s faces when they try our latest creation.  It’s all been magical and a way to destress from a crazy busy life.

Let us switch your kitchen

Through a cooperative partnership of many bakers and would be chefs just like us, we venture into spreading this experience to others regardless of your age, position in life or economic background.  Not only do we seek to bring our funny magic to others, but we look to bring our companies product offerings in a happier, healthier, and more sustainable way.  With over one million non-stick pans in landfills, it’s time to switch the mind set of todays consumers.