Our Mother’s Story

But why food?

Our love for entertaining, cooking, and food comes from one person — Martha Stewart. Didn’t we all fall in love with cooking because of her?
As a young wife, she felt a bit lost when entertaining and cooking. She still remembers watching Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving episode on TV. I followed her every step as she tried to cook our first turkey. She can still picture myself writing down some pointers and notes — this was way before YouTube, so she had to pay close attention! Her advice was simple, easy, and precisely what her nervous younger self needed to pull off the first Thanksgiving. While I am sure it wasn’t even close to what she cooked that day, she felt accomplished, proud, and happier than ever.

Fast-forward almost 30 years, and she is still turning to Martha’s recipe to prepare our turkey year after year. Now you can find the right episode on YouTube, making it that much easier. More than teaching her how to cook a turkey, she learned that celebrations could still be simple, elegant, and memorable when you prep with love. She still holds many of her tips and ideas close to her heart, and has loved sharing them with our family. 

She became the person the family turned to for party planning without realizing it. Her over-the-top, organized personality made it easy, but more importantly, FUN. Planning these get-togethers for our friends and family filled her with pure joy. We all love the smell of food cooking in the kitchen, the bustle of our busy family getting togethers, the candles, the laughter of friends catching up, and the anticipation of sitting down for a marvelous meal and the fun the evening will ensue. You could say we particularly enjoyed the opportunity to connect and reconnect with loved ones and friends over recipes. Whether it was a Thanksgiving turkey or a progressive appetizer party, coming together is what makes it so valuable.

The Kitchen Switchen Story

Some of my neighbors and friends might recognize the name Kitchen Switchen — a small kitchen store in Phoenix owned by a local mom. Our Mom met Christa years ago while our sister Emma attended the same preschool — it seems like a lifetime ago, honestly. While Christa chose to pursue other projects, the name stayed with our Mom over the years.

Today, Christa has allowed our family to bring this fine lady, Kitchen Switchen, back to life. Not on the streets of Phoenix anymore, but on the digital world for all of you to meet and connect with her.
Like Christa, my mom also sold her main business recently and wanted to pursue other projects. As she was wondering what her next steps would be, she tried to find a way to connect on a project with us girls, who, just like her years, ago are just starting out their lives and families. Yes, we all grew up loving a good recipe and fun dinner party.
Her love for our family, for spending time together, and the excitement of bringing the lady, Kitchen Switchen, to others is sure to be an adventure for the three of us. We genuinely hope you will join our family and a share recipe, try new dishes, or pictures of your family hosting the most wonderful gatherings. We look to connect and become one big online family!

Will you join us?

Whether we are talking about baking, houseware, cooking, kids, family, entertaining, or Martha Stewart, we want Kitchen Switchen to become that space where we can connect. We realize so much of what we do happens online. And while we cannot attend dinner parties everywhere together, we can all converge in this digital space made for hosts, moms, kids, daughters, sons, and everyone who

If you join us in this ride to host and share a fantastic journey of family, passion, elegance, not so elegant, and entertaining ideas for all to enjoy, we will be blessed.
This is only the beginning for Kitchen Switchen. I can already smell the countless recipes we will cook together — and see the many tables we will decorate together.

Welcome to our kitchen, we will switch your kitchen an feel blessed to be a part of your family.

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